What’s In An Online Power Yoga Certification Course?

There is a lot to learn in an online power yoga certification course. These online courses have trained thousands of yoga instructors. They help transform students into powerful teachers. Subjects in these courses include, but aren’t limited to: the anatomy of the body in motion, how to perform poses, breathing techniques, concepts and principles of yoga, and how to be a teacher.

Distance Education

With an online certification course, you will essentially learn how to safely teach yoga. Distance learning teaches you how to be an inspiring teacher. You will learn the concepts of various teaching styles and the student’s process of learning. Another taught subject is assisting and correcting student alignments. You will need to know how to strategically help students with poses. Also, the multiple qualities found in a yoga instructor will be learned.

Why is Yoga Anatomy Important?

In order to be a teacher, you will need to know how the body works and the anatomy of the body. The yoga anatomy includes bones, joints, and muscles. You will gain insight into how every muscle is used (what their actions are). Additionally, common injuries that occur during a typical power yoga class are learned.

What Else Will I Learn?

You will learn how to be an expert in yogic breathing (pranayama) and poses (asanas). Yogic breathing is an art that instructors must master. There are ins and outs to each pose, and you will be able to increase the effectiveness of the postures. The names of different positions are taught. An additional learned topic will be the spine and how it relates to body movement. Yoga poses can be exhausting, however, this will teach you how to maximize your energy. You will have the ability to hear and practice chants and Sanskrit mantras. The Ashtanga style is the background behind modern day power yoga and how it formed its foundation. It involves understanding traditional yogic philosophy.


A major benefit to online power yoga instructor courses is how detailed they are. Concepts and principles are explained very clearly, complete with step-by-step instructions. Distance education guides you through the various techniques, including core techniques. It helps you build your strength and confidence.

Taking a power yoga instructor training course online teaches you about the different aspects regarding every skill a teacher should have and how to become an effective yoga instructor in your classes. Distance learning courses are valuable and provide you with the knowledge you need to succeed. Online interns are made up of experienced or aspiring yoga teachers. Becoming a yoga teacher allows you to share all the benefits that you have gained from your practice. Depending upon your goals, you can open your own studio or work as an independent contractor after becoming certified.

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