The Effects of Cosmetics on Babies' Skin

The perfumed cosmetics are not recommended by dermatologists when it comes to babies. In order to avoid rashes and allergies, you should always choose products which are specially created for them and which don't contain any perfume or other chemical substances. If you rely on the fact that the harmful chemical substances can only be found in very small quantities, don't forget that you expose your baby to a cocktail of chemicals every day. If you add the pollution in the atmosphere, too and all the other chemical in the food they eat, you will actually realize how big the danger is.

Generally, a baby doesn't need too many cosmetics. An ordinary soap, with no scent, ensures the baby's skin care every day. You can use different creams if they have rashes and you can add chamomile in their water. You can also opt for a cream to protect them from the sun, especially on all those hot summer days. However, it is best not to expose your baby to the sun and to dress them up properly. If your baby's skin needs a bit of extra hydration, you can try olive oil because it is very good, especially if you apply it on wet skin. There are also a lot of other things which can be replaced by traditional cures which were once used by our grandmothers.

Your baby's needs change a they grow. Later on, they will need balm, but you should always read the ingredients a product has before buying it. This way, you can protect your kid from all the harmful substances any product may contain.

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