Social Wellness and World Peace Issues – What Causes a Recession?

From an economic wellness perspective, the entire world is experiencing a reset of how life is organized on the planet. For a great majority of the almost seven billion persons around the world, life is not happy, peaceful, safe nor barely prosperous.

Because the basis of all life is energy, the issues, conditions and realities of one person affects the energy and reality of all others. More importantly for our discussion about an economic recession, the financial situation of the majority must always affect the whole.

If the financial and economic structure that societies support and use does not serve the majority of human beings in those societies, the structure can exist only as long as mass consciousness remains unquestioning and supportive.

The moment a shift in consciousness questioning the validity and authenticity of structures that do not serve the majority occurs, change is afoot. If consciousness then turns to a mass choosing for transformation so that all societal structures better reflect the needs of the majority, change takes root and begins to cement.

All around the world, billions of persons are effectively left out of sharing in the wealth of the planet. Economic, social, political, educational and other societal structures that organize life on the planet work to keep this in place.

But as in all shifts and evolutionary phases in human and social development, mass consciousness has outgrown these old ways of organizing, managing, distributing and controlling the planet's collective resources.

The current economic recession is but one phase in a series of many re-settings to bring reality into alignment with evolving consciousness. This process will result in focused, creative energy being directed to imagining then implementing real, practical and out-of-the-box solutions to solve the common problems that affect billions of persons all around the world.

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