New Hair Styles for 2005 – Summer Hair Trend

A variety of hair styles, colors, and trends are growing

in popularity for 2005. New hair styles for 2005 include

hair of varying lengths, from curly and wavy to sleek

and straight. Some of the old standbys from 2004 are

still going to be popular in 2005.

The straight look is still in. The messy look and the

shabby chic look are also still going strong. The soft wavy

look is one new addition to the in list that has been growing

in popularity this season.

This season, one of the hottest looks is a short cut.

Not just any short cut though. The newest version of

the short hair cut is longer layers and fringe in the front

with the back cut in shorter, softer layers. The great

thing about this style is that, even though it is short,

you still have a variety of options when styling it.

It can be worn straight and smooth for a more sophisticated

look. If a more youthful and fun look is in the cards for your

day, simply tousle the layers for a more wind blown, wavy look.

Your hair’s texture is also an important part of the cut and style.

Layers and soft edges give a cut the versatility that it needs to

hold more than one style. Razor cutting is a terrific way to

accomplish the flipped, wild look that celebrities like Meg Ryan wear.

Using sculpting gels and waxes can give you a chunky layer look that

separates and holds your layers in place. For a smoother, sleek look,

layers can be blown dry to lay flat and soft against the face. Smoothing

gels can help to keep hair smooth and free from frizz for hours at a time.

Although cut and texture are an important part of having a trendy,

up to date short hair style, maintaining shiny, healthy hair is always

a must.

Whether you wear your hair curly, wavy, or straight, a healthy shine is

your hair’s best accessory. For this season, a product that adds shine

to your hair is a must have.

To maintain a trendy and fashionable look for this season, color is the key.

In Eastern cultures, hair color choice is not just a statement about our

fashion savvy, but also is essential in showing our inner self and desires.

Since red symbolizes strength and vitality, it is not such a surprise that

most women today would pick red as their first choice of hair colors.

Red certainly is a trend this season, and that means all shades.

Anything goes from burgundy to strawberry blonde on into the copper hues.

As a matter of fact, reds are beginning to replace blonde as the most

popular hair color choice.

Color highlights have been popular for while and will continue to be popular

this season. This type of hair coloring works particularly well on the layered,

shorter haircuts. So, go ahead. Try whatever floats your boat. As I said before,

this season, anything goes!

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