Mineral Cosmetics – What Are the Benefits?

Mineral cosmetics are the buzz these days. But what are their benefits? If you are considering trying mineral cosmetics there are a few famous brands that you should consider, and what benefits they have as well over each other.

Bare Minerals

Bare Minerals can bee see on infomercials on a regular basis. It's the foundation that actually started the revolution in mineral makeup. There line of color cosmetics is made from pure minerals. Bare Minerals uses 100% pure minerals free of preservatives, talc, fragrance, oil, and other skin irritants. That might just be why women really like this product line.

Bare Minerals foundation looks like powder, feels like cream, and goes on like silk. It has an SP 15 which will protect your skin, while providing excellent skin coverage for all skin tones and types. It also does a good job of covering rosacea and blemishes.

It's important to mention that Bare Minerals products have a wrinkle filler and deep crease relaxer, which offer a quick solution to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles temporarily.

Bare Minerals does not offer free samples but they do provide a complete list of ingredients on their website.

Bare Escentuals

With an SPF of 30 Bare Escentuals foundation really protects your skin. Bare Escentuals was actually the first company to brink mineral makeup to market. They were the company that started Bare Minerals.

It goes on like silk, provides the coverage of cream, and leaves your skin with a natural luminosity. There are no preservatives and no skin irritants making it an excellent choice for anyone with sensitive skin.

Bare Escentuals does not offer free samples but they do provide a complete list of ingredients on their website.

Raw Minerals

As the trend for mineral cosmetics continues to grow you'll see more and more quality products come to market. Raw Minerals provides excellent coverage while leaving the skin with the luminosity you expect from a mineral foundation. It goes on easily and does a nice job of covering skin imperfections.

The active mineral foundation comes in a variety of colors to work with every skin tone and they pride themselves in the quality of their products. While they don't directly advertise wrinkle prevention and correction, the company does state that they feel that the way the minerals adhere to the skin will result in the creases being filled in making wrinkles less noticeable. Of course this is just temporary.

Raw Minerals provides free samples and a complete list of ingredients on their website.

Mineral cosmetics will appeal to those that are looking for a more natural coverage that has a luminosity that makes the skin appear younger and healthier. There are many benefits associated with the use of mineral cosmetics, but of course it's important to look at each product lines ingredients and benefits.

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