Giants of the Cosmetic Industry Don’t Understand

The drive for natural skincare products is on, but the giants of the cosmetics industry don’t seem to be listening. In a world where people are becoming more and more health conscious you would think that sales of organic products such as these would skyrocket, and that would make sense.

The problem is that we are not being provided with the kinds of healthy cosmetics products that we desire. There are entire industries based around health care supplements, exercise equipment, and organic foods. Why then can’t the cosmetics industry provide those of us that want organic products with our own line of safe cosmetics?

The bottom line on why the big name companies refuse to provide us with natural skincare products is exactly as I have stated; it’s the bottom line. They won’t provide us with product containing healthy ingredients simply because these kinds of products are more expensive to produce.

That is why we are continually left with only the choice of products that contain potentially dangerous chemicals in them. These products cost far less to make, and therefore they put more money into the pocket of the company. They apparently care more for their profit margin than they do for their customers.

It is not as though producing natural skincare products is going to bankrupt an industry this large, but they just don’t seem willing to try to change their ways. A lot of small to mid-sized companies produce these kinds of quality products all the time. They just don’t have the ability to get their products out to such a wide ranging audience.

Although it is sometimes the case of a company not wanting to put the money that they have into advertising their products in an effort to generate more sales. There are companies that believe in putting their money into research and development in order to be able to produce higher quality products.

Such is the case with one mid-sized company in New Zealand whose research and development department has come up with some very interesting discoveries over the last few years. The natural skincare products that they are producing make it possible for your body to replace its lost collagen and elastin for example.

They have discovered an odd blend of keratin proteins that were derived from the wool of a special breed of sheep that are native to their island. These proteins have been scientifically proven to be effective for stimulating the production rate of new collage in humans. This discovery got a lot of attention from the scientific world.

What we need far more of from the cosmetics industry is more of this kind of innovation and dedication to quality, and less of the corporate greed that we frequently witness. Now I don’t know about you, but I would much rather purchase my cosmetics products from a company that puts safety and effectiveness ahead of getting rich.

That’s why I’ve started ordering my natural skincare products from New Zealand.

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