Cosmetics Fundraising the Beauty Within

Car washes and cookie dough are old hat when it comes to fundraising. If you are looking for a new and exciting way to fundraise how about selling cosmetics. Women love the stuff, lip gloss, blush, eye shadow all the basics can be part of a fantastic fundraiser.

As with any type of selling campaign you need to have a few basics points considered before you launch into your cosmetic fundraiser.

First things first, test out the products you are going to sell. You want to be sure that the products you offer are high quality at a great price. You should be able to order a sample pack from the fundraising company for little or no cost. This will allow you to ensure you are only offering products you can be proud of.

Secondly set up your goals. Decide how much money you are wanting to raise and how long you will be fundraising for. This will help your customers know what the limits are and help your volunteers to sell.

Third is to organize. Get all your fundraising volunteers together and train them on the ins and outs of your cosmetic fundraiser. Also allow them and yourself ample time for preparation before your fundraiser begins.

Fourth is to keep the lines of communication open between you and your fundraising volunteers. You want everyone to know how successful your fundraising campaign is and how close to reaching your goals you are.

Finally is to double check your orders and to distribute your fundraising products. Your customers will be happy when they receive there fundraising cosmetics on time and with the knowledge that they have helped further your fundraising goals.

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