Beauty Boost From Head to Toe – Benefits of Aloe Vera For Cosmetics

What is the secret to long lasting beauty? Looking back in history, you will find that many cultures have tried to answer this in different ways. Some claim that it is found in mythical fountains with water that you have to drink. Some say that you need to have been touched by a fairy.

In current times, we have even resorted to cosmetic surgery and expensive medicine just to try and have this. The truth is that you don’t need magic or complicated technologies to find clear skin and radiant eyes – most of the solution already lies in nature, and in particular, in the aloe vera plant.

For eye care, aloe’s cooling properties due to its gel from, help remove puffy eyebags. It is typically used as an ingredient for concealers, eye creams and even eye shadow. Since it is made of purely natural substances, some women may resort to using aloe-based cosmetics since they are safer and non-allergenic.

For the lips, aloe vera is rich in Vitamin E, which is normally found in food like avocado, spinach and wheat germ. It helps restore chapped lips by moisturizing your dry lips, since aloe, after all, was made as a water-bearing plant.

For the skin, aloe vera gel is a common moisturizer. It helps restore your skin’s natural pH. This is perfect for dry and itchy skin since aloe has non-inflammatory properties. Its typical products either come in gel or cream form. It is usually mixed with other cosmetic ingredients such as oil and powder.

For the body, some cosmetics companies have gone as far as to offer aloe plant oils meant for pampering the body. These oils can help sooth tired muscles and add natural fragrance to your body. This is perfect when you have just taken a long, warm bath.

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